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Geek Dad Report: Kids Shows Reviews

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What, everyone doesn’t eat cereal outside?

I really feel like a scumbag father sometimes when I just let my son watch TV so I can try to get some stuff done around the house. We try to stick to a 2 hour max per day, so that is about 4, 30 minute shows total for the whole day. Though my wife and I have different opinions, wait, no. Not different opinions, VASTLY different opinions, but I cede those battles, when the kids are older, they’ll get to watch Looney Tunes and Star Wars with rampant abandon. We try to keep TV time to a minimum, but when he’s tired of; painting, playing with cars, his tools, the plastic snakes, pretend cooking, or standing in the middle of the room with a sheet over his head ‘hiding’. We let him watch some TV shows, here they are, and what I honestly think about them.

Arthur: This show isn’t bad at all, there are a ton of episodes out there, though it doesn’t seem like new ones come across the pipeline that often. If you don’t mind watching the same episodes over and over, it’s good PBS supported broadcasting. The colors are nice, you can see the effort going into the watercolor backgrounds. The characters are easy enough for kids, they don’t say bad things that will get you those appalled looks from strangers. Lincoln seemed to pick up some phrases DW, Arthers little sister says, saying them to you with his hands on his hips and all. Overall, this is a good show for little kids to watch.

Backyardigans: Do you like singing? Do you like catchy songs that seem to be based off of existing songs? Dancing..check also. Though, if your kids are like mine, they don’t like it when dad jumps off the coach and does the dances. I’ve had too many of these songs stuck in my head. The characters on this show go on adventures in their backyard, and use their imaginations to go to wondrous places. My wife likes that every episode they use a different music type, you might have a jazzy type episode one day, and an 60’s folkys or 70’s Disco feel for an episode. They just had an hour long special ‘Robot Rampage’ that Lincoln is obsessed with, I know every song by heart now. I’m hoping this new robot obsession gets me to have him watch Short Circuit.

Curious George: If you don’t know Curious George, I consider you a sad panda. The colors are great on this show, George is still curious as ever and goes on adventures. In the newer episodes they’ve thrown in a new character ‘Allie’ she’s the granddaughter of the lady that has a farm near The Man With the Yellow Hats country house. This new character brings some good new funny to this show. I have a question though, what the hell does the yellow hat man do for a living? He’s got a country house? His uncle owns a castle in Scotland? I think he’s a trust fund kid, has to be.

Handy Manny: Here is the reason my son has an obsession with his tools, building imaginary tree houses that attach to the walls of our house, and walks around fixing our doors. Manny and the tools help out the people of Sheetrock Hills, and teach a little bit of Spanish along the way. Lincoln I don’t think picks up on any of the Spanish stuff it seems, but he does pick up on the being a good worker part, which as a dad, can’t complain about.

Little Bear: This is a relatively new show in our house, the characters are soft spoken, Little Bear has fun adventures, and Lincoln seems to like it. Its one of his shows I don’t mind sitting down with him on my lap watching with him and actually paying attention. I don’t get why Father Bear wears a suit, tie, and fedora all the time, and he’s a boat fisherman? The artists must not be watching Deadliest Catch. Fedoras are awesome though, and should be worn all the time, by everyone.

Little Einsteins: Lil Itine as Lincoln calls them. You get a new artist, composer, and classical music song every episode. This is one of those shows that they ask the question to the audience, and pause. Lincoln just stares back at the TV, he never answers the questions. Nor does he ‘participate’ when they ask the audience to clap their hands and whatnot. He may be a little too serious of a TV watcher like his father.

Max and Ruby: Two bunnies, a brother and sister, have fun doing stuff. There are 3 short episodes each show with a commercial break between the episodes, that REALLY annoys me about this show. Lincoln HATES the commercials, he just wants the show to move to the next episode like all his other shows do. Apparently these two kid bunnies live alone, as they never show parents, and the kid bunnies cook and clean, and put themselves to bed by themselves. Sometimes Grandma Bunny shows up, but seriously Grandma Bunny, give these crazy kids some boundaries.

Olivia: Ok, this is the newest show he likes to watch. I think it is STUPID. It’s a pig that does stuff with other pigs. Jennie (my Wife) Loves it. There must be a feminist message in the show I’m not picking up on. The animation isn’t bad, I just don’t like the characters and tend to zone out if he ever wants to watch this show. Maybe the theme song bugs me? I dunno, I just don’t like this show.

Tom and Jerry: I KNOW, Lincoln isn’t supposed to watch ‘violent’ TV shows, but its freaking LOONEY TUNES. If you want to hear my son laugh the hardest you’ve ever heard him laugh, turn on Tom and Jerry. HE FREAKING LOVES IT. It’s like belly aching laughing for him, every time the cat gets hurt, he’s rolling on the ground laughing. My dad, who raised me on Looney Tunes and the Boomerang channel should be so proud his grandson inherited the love of this type of cartoons.

If anybody tells my wife I let him watch this, I’ll hurt you, I get so much enjoyment out of watching him laugh so hard to this show.

That’s it for my kiddie show reviews, feel free to talk about your own in the comments!

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