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Geek Dad Report: Imaginext Pirate Toy Line

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I love playing with my sons toys, when we recently got him a big dragon pirate ship from the Imaginext toys my son and I hit pay dirt. It’s all pirates all the time in my household. There used to be a time when my son would wake up, I could hear him shut his door and quickly run across the hardwood floors. He’d come up to my arm of the chair I sit in and watch the stock market updates and say “Good Morning Daddy.” Then usually throw in a I love you, or I sleep good. Now? He’ll just say, “Let’s play Pirate Ship!”

Ever since Lincoln could waddle his way down the toy aisles whenever he came to the Imaginext stuff it was a stand still. Mostly they have buttons that make the does do some kind of action, like on the pirate ship for example there are three ‘action’ buttons. First, there are two harpoons on the front that shoot out. We lost both of the harpoons within 6 hours of playing with it. I honestly have no idea where they went, I told him a harpoon fairy took them and put them back with the harpoon family. That seemed to work. I don’t know why the companies make things that can get lost so easily, it’s not like they sell replacement harpoons for the 1 product that uses them. I could go on, but I’ll just move onto the second action button, which shoots out the sail. This one is kinda cool, he likes to open the sails before making the pirate ship float away, sometimes fly away, depending on who the pirates are fighting. The last button just opens up the little cabins on the back where you can store stuff, this is usually where the pirates treasure goes. We’ve gotten some of the smaller Imaginext pirate things to go along with his big ship, he loves them all. I want to get this giant squid one that has huge tentacles that move when you push a button and it makes a bubbling under water noise.

Why am I so excited about playing with these toys? Well it says on the box 3+, I am obviously the +…times a couple. There are a couple more lines of these toys, hopefully sometime in the next couple of years I’ll get to review those for you too. Hey I’m not made of money you know. With Space, BATMAN, Castles, and a couple others, these things are great for fueling a kids imagination. And Dads, sometimes Moms, mostly dad though.

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