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Geek Dad Report: What I’m Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone, now let’s eat….
Thanksgiving Day is upon us, the traditional start to the holiday season and quite possibly the best lazy day of the year. You gotta love a holiday that only involves being with family, watching football, and massive amounts of over eating. Such a great American tradition. Now usually every Thursday, we at WPR are dedicated to giving a little insight into the world of being a geek dad by sharing about our own lives and telling some of our favorite personal stories. For this weeks edition I had a great post lined up about my families trip to Disneyland over Halloween and how much fun we had, but when I realized that my turn landed on Thanksgiving, I decided to call an audible. I wanted to write something that embraced the real meaning of Thanksgiving, which according to Google isn’t football or turkey, its about giving thanks for the things that mean the most to us. So in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to present to you the 10 things (in no particular order) that as a geek dad I’m most thankful for.

1. My Two Daughters.

The wife and I had always only wanted two kids. When those two children ended up both being girls, I just knew my life was over. Not only was the thought of being the only guy is a house full of women terrifying, but I just knew that I was doomed to a future life of tea parties, barbies, and most likely musicals. I would never have someone to share my life of comics, action figures, and star wars trivia with……or so I thought. Turns out that girls can be just as geeky as boys, and in some cases even better nerd buddies. What’s more, my daughter thinks I know everything about every superheroes, loves to sit in my lab and snuggle up close to me while watching the Avengers, and she loves tells me I’m her hero. Ya, having geek girls is awesome.

2. Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Last Month I wrote an entire article about the importance of Saturday Morning Cartoons, so I won’t go into to much detail here. That said, my cartoon time still had to make the list, it’s one of the things I am most thankful I get to share with my children. If reading my last GDR didn’t convince you to try it for yourself, then I’ll just have to say it again: Get a blanket, cozy up with your kids, and turn on cartoon network or Nickelodeon for a couple hours. You’ll thank me later.

3. Family Movie Day.

Much like Saturday Morning Cartoons, Family Movie Day is all about spending some quality family time cozied up in front of the television watching old and new classics like the Wizard of Oz, Willow, and Star Wars. To many times we forget to do the things with our kids that we did with our parents, like watch movies as a family. Now days most homes have more than that one TV most of us had to grow up with. Back then everyone got together to watch the one and only thing on, but now everyone just goes to a different room to watch what they want. Family Movie Day was created in my house to bring back the fun of everyone piled up on the couch, popcorn in hand, ready to watch something that might inspire you later in life to write on a geek website.

4. 3D.

Normally I’m not a fan of 3D. When done wrong, it can completely take you out of the movie that it was supposed to help make better, and to many times 3D is slapped on just so more money can be charged to see this enhanced version of the film. The exception is that when 3D is done right, it can change the way you think about films, Avatar proved that. The reason however that 3D made this list, is because of the joy it brings my children by making them feel like part of the movie, and because few other things can keep a kid in a seat for 90 minutes quite like and extra dimension.

5. Apple

Apple makes the list for two reasons: One, they make products that are easy enough to use that I have been able to easily introduce technology to my children. I figured a long time ago that technology wasn’t going anywhere, so the sooner I got my kids used to it the better off they’d be. Two, Apple products make my life so much easier as a parent. Being able to give my kid an iPad full of movies and a 10 hour battery on a road trip is one thing that I am eternally thankful for.

6. Pixar

Where would the animated world be without Pixar? When Toy Story first came out Disney hadn’t had a hit since the Lion King and was spending most their time with direct to video movies that were seriously lacking in quality and entertainment. They had focused so much on making movies that parents would buy for their kids that Disney forgot about making movies that parents would actually want to watch with their kids. Pixar understood this. They made movies that parents and kids could enjoy watching together, and brought a level of quality to animation that changed the industry. Every time I watch an animated movie that I enjoy as much as my daughter does, I thank Pixar.

7. Superheroes.

Oh those super powered, costumed wearing, amazing works of fiction that we all so love. I don’t know where I’d be without superheroes. Growing up reading about their good deeds and epic struggles inspired me from a small age to always be better than I was. I knew they weren’t real people, but luckily our heroes don’t always have to be. I’m also very thankful that my daughter has inherited my love of heroes. I can think of a lot worse things for her to pretend to be than an Amazon Princess, or a Super Girl. Hopefully they serve her as well in life as they have me.

8. Disney.

They brought back Star Wars. I could probably end it with that sentence, but there are a few more reasons I’m thankful for Disney than just that. They bought Marvel and expanded it to a level that as a kid I wouldn’t have thought possible. Disney made Marvel a household name, and now because of their movies and cartoons my kids love watching superheroes as much as I do. The other thing I’d like to thank Disney for is that they have made their princess movies, like Tangled and Frozen, actually enjoyable to watch. And since I have two daughters, there is a lot of watching princess movies.

9. My Job at WatchPlayRead.

Now this isn’t me trying to win brownie points over at the WPR home office, this is me being thankful that I have a job that my oldest daughter thinks and I quote is “Super Duper Awesome”. There is nothing like dropping your child off at daycare and hearing her brag to her friends that her dad got to see Thor before anyone else did (I had just gone to the premiere the night before), and then having her bust out one of your newly minted business cards so she could let all the other kids see it. Moments like that make all the hard work worth it.

10. My Wife.

A big part of my ability to be a geek dad is that I married a great opened minded woman. She will never be part of the superhero fan club, or understand that action figures are called collectables not toys, and she shakes her head every time I refuse to get rid of my cases of comic books that are just taking up space. But the thing that she has always excepted is that all of these things are important to me. So on this Thanksgiving Day the thing I’m most thankful for is that my wife not only has always excepted the geek in me, but also understand and loves the fact that I’ve shared it with our daughters. This geek dad thanks you honey.

Well that’s about all I got time for today. After all, I got that football to watch and massive amounts of turkey, gravy, and pie to gorge myself on. So from everyone at WPR, we’d all like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Happy eating!!

Got something or someone you’re thankful for? Give them a shout out and sound off below!!

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