Geek Dad Report: Taking My Daughter to GeekGirlCon

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GeekGirlCon: October 19th and 20th 2013 in Seattle, WA

So last month was GeekGirlCon here in Seattle. GeekGirlCon is a convention set out to celebrate geeky girls in all their greatness, but by no means is the con exclusive to females. I had a blast at the con both days, and I’m very much a male.

If you want to hear more about GeekGirlCon check out my write up of the con here. You can also check out the Geek Girl Con website here for more information.

geekgirlconOn day two of GeekGirlCon I brought my two year old daughter Mara Gray. While I knew she was a little too young to appreciate the con, I wanted to get her involved in this stuff early. I know of, and see so many geeky girls who grew up unsupported by their parents, families, or friends. While Mara is too young to really be labeled anything besides adorable, I know she will most likely grow up enjoying many geeky subjects. I mean; she’s my child, and she’s going to have exposure to geeky things in this house. While I will always support her in all her own interests, I’m quite confident that they’ll lean towards the dork side.

Mara and I started the day early. We started with the merchant area, as I knew trying to get her to sit through a panel would be both futile, but disrespectful to the panelists and audience. Right away I noticed how welcome my little girl was there. Most vendors not only welcomed Mara to their tables; they also actually took the time to engage her.

geekgirlconOne of Mara’s favorite things at GeekGirlCon was the cosplayers. Seeing all the people having fun, dressed up as their favorite fictional character really amused her. Next year Mara will be three, and I hope old enough to participate in more of the great events they have at GeekGirlCon. One thing I know she’s going to like is the “DIY Science” tables. The tables are set up with ingredients, and a personal guide so you (and your child if you own one) can have a quick and fun science lesson.

I look forward to bringing Mara to the convention every single year until she no longer cares to go, which I’m quite confident is never going to happen.

When it all comes down to it, I’m not trying to raise a geek, or a nerd. I want my daughter to not only be intelligent, but creative, and clever. I want her to have a strong imagination, and curiosity in the world that she’ll strive to quell with knowledge, and logic. If those things make her a “geek” then I hope she embraces the title with pride.

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