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Geek Dad Report: Family Traditions

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We had a couple of traditions growing up in my household. Big Sunday breakfast, Steak Night, and a splattering of others that I’m sure my siblings will point out to me after reading this. We’ve started a new tradition in my little household and that is Sunday Family Movie night. While it’s only been a couple of weeks running, I have a feeling this is something that will stick around for a long time. It started when my wife and I were exhausted from a busy weekend and decided that to calm the kids down we’d watch a movie for the first time with family dinner.

Usually we’ll pick one of the tried and true movies that we’ve watched a million times, but this time my wife looked at our movie collection and chose something that Lincoln had never seen before, The Incredibles. Needless to say, he loved it. Not only did he get to eat dinner sitting on the couch (!) but we watched a new movie that he enjoyed. So, this past weekend we decided to keep it going and would buy a new movie for the family to watch. Yes, this might be an expensive tradition if we’re spending some $60 a month of new DVD’s. We’ll have to be bargain shoppers for sure. This last week we picked up ‘Up’. All of my friends told me about the beginning, and how they cried. After the sequence was done I was able to tear away from the TV and look at my wife, who had tears streaming down her face just as much as I did. Lincoln just stared at the screen waiting for something funny happen.

We were able to keep him excited about the whole thing all week long leading up to Sunday when we would tell him about it. We made a big deal about how we were going to all go out as a family and pick out a special movie for us all to watch. Though his usual reply was “Toy Story 3” we wanted to try a new series for once. We’ve had a lot of fun with this new/first tradition in our family, it’s nice that the boy is getting older and more understands what we are doing. It’s going to be interesting to keep him excited, but who knows, maybe this is something we’ll do every week until he leaves for college. By then, it’ll be one of us picks a movie everyone has to watch, and good ‘ol dad will be busting out all the geeky movies for them to watch. I can’t wait until everyone gets to watch some Mel Brooks comedies, or my favorite sci fi movie, The Fifth Element. Those are down the road for sure, I want my geek kids in training to appreciate the movies.

I think one of the best things we can do as parents is setup and maintain traditions, everyone loves reflecting on their past. Why not make it easier and more memorable by picking one night a week and just doing something as a family, no matter what.

Nobody knows about my game night idea, where when the kids are old enough we’ll be playing board games and such. And by games and such, I mean Dungeons and Dragons.

Oh yes, I can’t wait till the kids are older.

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