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Geek Dad Report, Episode 60 – The Winds of Winter

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Winter came.

Winter has come the Geek Dad Report and this week we’re gonna talk all about it!!!

Welcome to the 60th Game of Thrones fueled episode and yup, you guessed it, this week we are talking all things GOT and the season six finale, The Winds of Winter. We’re gonna have a SPOILER-filled discussion about all the things that unfolded in Kings Landing, Winterfell, Meereen, the Tower of Joy, and why Frey pies and revenge are a dish best served cold. We’re also going to give our season seven predictions, and just how we think the series is going to wrap up. So sharpen your Dragonglass, stitch your banners, shine your armor, and call to your dragon or direwolf because the Geek Dad Report will be singing a song of fire and ice…and awesome.

Also because we love you guys, we also talk about all the weekly news (spoiler alert, there’s not much because it’s a holiday week), answer questions from the Faithful 50 (again, spoiler alert. There’s not much because it’s a holiday week), and finally we let you know what you should or shouldn’t waste your time doing with our weekly recommendations. So prepare yourself, Brian cut his vacation short so that GDR could bring you this epic show of fantastic proportions, or a a song of Brian and Ryan as we like to call it. Enjoy!!

Also…Don’t Stop Believing.

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