Brian West

Geek Dad Report, Episode 49 – Indiana Jones Returns!! Plus Daredevil, X-Men, and New Trailers.

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Time to dust off the fedora and bullwhip, Dr. Jones is back.

Welcome to the 49th funtastic episode of the Geek Dad Report. This week’s Ninja News is all about the return of Indiana Jones, Captain America: Civil War post credit scenes, Deadpool’s box office domination, Star Wars castings, Daredevil and the rest of the Netflix Hell’s Kitchen heroes news, Walking Dead rides, AMC’s Preacher air dates, Justice League news, renewals for Gotham and Vikings, CW’s decision to bring back all of their shows, Batman v Superman expectations, and thanks to Deadpool a Lobo movie is finally happening.

We also find time to break down five new trailers including the new Rock movie, and then we tell you all the reasons why the new X-Men movie doesn’t excite us. We also talk about 10 Cloverfield Lane in our weekly recommendations, review Image’s The 13th Artifact in Comics You Crave, and finally answer all the questions our amazing viewers/listeners have in From the Faithful 50.

So grab your favorite Irish drink and get ready for a night of pure fun, because the Geek Dad Report is here to amaze you…or at least help you pass out safely. Enjoy!!

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