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Geek Dad Report, Episode 48 – Civil War, Spider-Man, and Game of Thrones

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Jon Snow lives and Spider-Man in the MCU…be still my beating geek heart.

Welcome to another web-slinging new episode of the Geek Dad Report!! This week we talk all about the amazing new Captain America: Civil War trailer, and breakdown all four seconds of footage of Marvel’s new Spider-Man. Speaking of trailers, we also breakdown the all-new season six Game of Thrones trailer and tell you all the reasons Jon Snow is coming back. We also dive into Ninja News and talk about all the new Star Wars stories, Batman v Superman running time and R-rated Blu-ray release, Arnold and Predator, AMC’s Into the Badlands and Preacher, Assassins Creed, the Flash/Supergirl crossover, Daredevil, Venom, Justice League, Sylvester Stallone coming to Guardians of the Galaxy, Sharknado 4, and much much more.

In our other segments this week, we talk about IDW’s The X-Files: Deviations one shot in Comics You Crave, tell you if Netflix’s Fuller House is Craptastic or just Crap, answer viewer questions in From the Faithfull 50, and finally talk about TV shows and comics in our weekly recommendations. It’s quite the superhero showdown this week, so grab your brightly colored spandex and get ready, because episode 48 of the Geek Dad Report will blow you away, because Spider-Man. Everything is better when you have Spider-Man. Enjoy!!

Also, Thanks again for spending the last year with us, we appreciate it more than you know. Here’s to another fun year!!

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