Brian West

Geek Dad Report, Episode 47 – Aliens, and Predators, and Superheroes, Oh My!!

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You are one ugly mother fuc#er.

Welcome to the forty-seventh Aliens, Predators, and superhero inspired episode of the Geek Dad Report!!

This week, you guessed it, we talk a lot about Aliens, Predators and super..well you get the idea. But besides monsters that’ll kill you and all our super-powered friends that wear their underwear on the outside, we also give you all the weekly geek news you need to know, talk about the Oscar winners and who we think should’ve actually won the awards, we answer all your questions and even listen to one viewer just rant away in From the Faithful 50, we talk about our proud geek dad moments of the week, we review the new Predator: Life and Death #1 from Dark Horse Comics in Comics Your Crave, and finally we tell you what you should or shouldn’t waste your time doing in our weekly recommendations. So grab yourself a pulse rifle, cover yourself in thermal signature hiding mud, turn of the bat signal and make sure you get to the chopper, cause shit’s about to get real. Enjoy!!

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