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Geek Dad Report, Episode 45 – Happy Birthday Ryan!!! With Love, Deadpool

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Don’t worry Ryan, you don’t look a day over 40.

Welcome back everybody for the 45th happy birthday themed episode of the Geek Dad Report!!! This week we celebrate the blessed day that Ryan joined the human race with an amazing song sung by a man with the voice of an angel, and yes I am talking about me. We also talk Star Wars, Deadpool, and all the rest of the weekly geek news you need to know. We answer questions From the Faithful 50 in our segment dedicated completely to our viewers/listeners.. We review Cable and Deadpool #1 in Comics you Crave, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 in Craptastic or Crap, and finally we talk about Finley Flowers and the Man from our weekly recommendations. So grab a slice of birthday cake, put on a party hat, and get ready to sing along as we all celebrate Ryan’s big day together. Enjoy!!

On a side note, our technical difficulties continued to plague us(damn you Windows 10), so you may notice that my face now fills the entire show and Ryan has become the official GDR force ghost floating voice. This should only be a temporary change to the show and hopefully soon Ryan’s beautiful face will return. That is unless you all think Ryan’s face is hideous and we are all better off not having to look at that thing. Then the changes could become permanent, the choice is yours.

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