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Geek Dad Report, Episode 43 – Captain Deadpool and the U.S.S. Embargo

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We can neither confirm or deny that we have seen Deadpool…

The Geek Dad Report is back and yes, we did see Deadpool…maybe. That’s right, Ryan and I may, or may not, have seen one of the best, or worse, comic book movies ever, and we might, or might not, talk all about this week! Got all that? No? Well sorry, due to strict embargo rules this is all we can say, or not say. Don’t worry, Ryan and I plan on giving everyone a full GDR review of Deadpool very soon, so keep your eyes open for that.

What we can confirm though is that the 43rd episode of GDR is chocked full of all the nerd news you need to know, weekly recommendations, killer reviews of DC’s latest animated movie Batman: Bad Blood, and Valiant’s game changing new book Faith #1. We answer all the viewer/listen questions and topics that have been littering your minds for the past week. And last, but certainly not least, we talk family and share our geek dad moments of the week. It’s another jam-packed week of laughs, drinks, and Deadpool…maybe. Enjoy!!

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