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Geek Dad Report, Episode 42 – Drinking, Ranting, and the Week From Hell

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Week, we fart in your general direction.

Well, this was one crappy week. Seriously, this week can go back to the hell hole it crawled out of and die. That said, Ryan and I had a show to do, so we sucked it up and are back for another fun filled, super epic episode of the Geek Dad Report!!

This week we bring you all the geek news you need to know, review Ghostbusters International #1 from IDW, answer viewer/listener questions in our faithful 50 fueled Q&A segment, and give you a couple things you should or shouldn’t do in our weekly recommendations. We also dust off our Geek Dad Rants and talk about our kids being sick. Because everybody knows how much fun that is to deal with. So join us in raising our collective fists and cursing out the week that was, and as always…Enjoy!!

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