Ryan Thomason

Geek Dad Report, Episode 39 – Christmas and Force Awakens is HERE

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Geek Dad Report coming in for the final episode of Season 1, with Christmas and Star Wars: Force Awakens!

It’s December 18th. Nothing else matters this week except for Star Wars. On this weeks Geek Dad Report, we manged to talk about the awesome trailers that came out, and the one that sucked. Great Star Wars/Christmas Q&A from you guys, a Darth Vader #1 Comics you Crave that BLEW US AWAY IN AWESOMESAUCE Get theStar Wars Darth Vader TPB Vol. 01 Vader here, We rant about assholes trying to ruin Star Wars for people, Star Wars, Christmas, Star Wars, Christmas. You get the idea.

Ryan’s Recommendation: Buy yourself an expensive lightsaber, like the one he has from Ultrasabers. It’s WELL WORTH THE PURCHASE.

Brian’s Recommendation that is not a Recommendation: See, but don’t see the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Watch it, but then try to scrub every part of it from your memory. It’s bad, so…bad. But you have to see it bad, watch it.

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