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Geek Dad Report, Episode 38 – You Bore Us, Jessica Jones

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Wake me up when something good happens…

Holy Crap!!! Star Wars:The Force Awakens is almost here!!!! I mean, in less than a week we will all have seen the next great chapter of the epic tale of a galaxy far far away. Oh ya, and Ryan and I also recorded a whole new episode of the Geek Dad Report, which is almost as cool. You guys should totally watch it while you stand in line waiting to see freaking Star Wars, which is almost here. Have I mentioned that?

Ok, so maybe I’ve gone a little overboard with my pure unbridled excitement for Episode 7, but I promise episode 38 of the GDR is packed with a lot more goodness than just me gushing over Star Wars. This week we talk about the cool new trailers for The Legend of Tarzan and TMNT 2:Out of the Shadows, give you all the pop culture and nerd news you need to know in Ninja News, review IDW’s Back to the Future series in Comics You Crave, tell Phil poop stories and answer amazing questions in our viewer fueled Q&A segment, we also Rant about why Jessica Jones is boring and Donald Trump’s new racist tendencies, and finally we look around the office for things to talk about in our weekly recommendations. So like I said, there’s way more to this week’s show than just me loosing my mind about Star Wars…which I do totally do. I’m not kidding, I sang songs with Star Wars lyrics I made up on the fly…ya,I may have a problem. But seriously, The Force Awakens in less than a week!!! Screw this, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to go stand in line. Enjoy.

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This Week’s Recomendation:

Ryan: He thinks that if you like to work on your iPad then you shoulkd give the BrydgeAir keyboard a try. It worked really well with his iPad Air and is worth the $150 price tag.

Brian: I think everyone should do all their Christmas shopping online this year, skip Jessica Jones because it’s boring, don’t vote for Donald Trump because he’s an asshole, and finally read the great Dark Horse comic series, Halo Escalation.

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