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Geek Dad Report, Episode 33 – Reviews R Us

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The reviews are in!…

Hello faithful viewers, thanks for joining us yet again for another fun-filled episode of the Geek Dad Report!! This week Ryan and I shake things up a little as we added not one, but two awesome brand new segments to the show to go along with the ever informative Ninja News, weekly recommendations, and our fan fueled Q&A.

Now I know that all sounds great, but I bet what you really want to hear about is the two new segments, and since we like to give the people what they want, here you go. The first, Comics You Crave, is a new weekly addition where we read and review a new comic title each and every week. This week we tell you all the reasons why Marvel’s Star Wars: Shattered Empire is a must read. The second new addition to the show is Geek Dad Reviews, a segment designed for us to do much more official type reviews. This week I get to review the beautifully illustrated book, The Art of Halo 5: Guardians from Insight Editions.

Let us know what you think about the new segments on the show, and if there is a comic or specific something you’d like to see us review on a future episode. As always your feedback matters to us, so feel free to tell us all the things you love about us. Or I guess if you don’t love things about us you could tell us that too. Warning though, Ryan will cry. He’s very sensitive. Me, I just turn into a big green rage monster and smash stuff when I get angry, so consider yourselves informed.

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This Week’s Recommendations:

Ryan: He thinks anyone who likes Bond should go see the latest Bond movie, Spectre. It’s nothing fancy, but it hits all the marks on the Bond list. Planes, train, explosions, girls, and guns. Check, check, and check.

Brian: Watch Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz. It’s just as fun as the original movies, and Bruce Campbell shines in the role he was born to play.

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