Ryan Thomason

Geek Dad Report, Episode 3 – Pirates, Vikings, and Beards

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Greetings, friends! Brian West and Myself are back to help you stay updated on all the top news of the week. Since you’re either too busy being fellow parents, or generally busy people. This week for our third episode, you get all the nerdy news you need to know for this week. Then, we toss out some personal recommendations!

If you missed Episode One, you can view it here! Then watch Episode Two!

Geek Dad Report – Episode Three you see us finally starting to hit our stride, this is by far our best episode yet! Well, except for that weird echo on my end, IT WILL BE PUNISHED. We’ll be back next Friday ready to keep you informed and educated about all the awesome things happening!

From this weeks recommendations:

Brian – Marco Polo on Netflix “It’s like Game of Thrones, but with Mongels and maybe some historical accuracy!”

Ryan – Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (Free to play) Get it in iOS or Google Play! Tap into every Final Fantasy game in little bits and pieces and put legendary characters into your party? Sold!

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