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Geek Dad Report, Episode 28 – So Many Lightsabers

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We’re back! No, this isn’t a Star Wars episode, we just genuinely like being big dorks that play with lightsabers.

Greetings! We got a lot for you guys this week, we talked a lot about the Marvel News/Universe, I cried about my team losing their football game, Brian drank rum because, children. You know, the type of usual Geek Dad stuff we give you guys. Oh and I got a WICKEDLY AWESOME Combat Lightsaber thanks to the awesome people at Ultrasabers this week! You can find the full (p)review in my reccomendation at the end, but I also couldn’t stop showing it off during the whole episode. I’ll have the full on review later next week!

As always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the latest episode!

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