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Geek Dad Report, Episode 27 – Hats, Vodka, and Vacations

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Vacation’s over, back to work.

We’re back!!! After taking a much needed week off, Ryan and I are back and ready to bring the awesome to our super fantastic, comedy-news show. Ok, so truthfully we got really fat and lazy on vacation and this week we really needed our faithful fans to bail us out with questions to answer, and topics to talk about. Sure we bring you all the geek news you need to know in our Ninja news segment, but after that it’s just viewer fueled stuff for the rest of the show. Maybe next week we’ll hit the treadmill, watch Rocky and maybe, just maybe, we’ll find enough motivation to bring back our Topic of the Week, Rants, and Reviews. But for now you get what you get and you don’t get upset. And yes, I did just quote a line from Pinkalicious. Don’t know what that is? Well let’s just say if you’re a father of girls those kids books are a big part of nightly reading. Just Google it. Any how, check out Episode 27 and let us know what you think, as always we love your feedback. Enjoy!!

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This Week’s Recommendations:

Ryan: He thinks you should out CW’s Flash, Arrow, and iZombie. If you still have time left after that then also check out Fox’s Gotham. Basically Ryan just wants everyone to check them out because Warner Bros sent him a bunch of free DVD’s and he totally owes them. plus the shows are pretty good.

Brian: I think you should find some time and money, and take your significant other on a nice vacation. Leave the kids, find a sitter for the dog, and just go somewhere fun, preferably where they serve free drinks. I have no real explanation as to why you should go, but trust me and just do it, you’ll thank me later.

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