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Geek Dad Report, Episode 22 – Welcome to the Dark Side

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Once you start down the Apple path, forever shall it dominate your destiny.

Welcome back everyone to episode 22 of the award winning Geek Dad Report. Sure the awards are participation medals given to us sympathetically by our children, but dammit a medal is a medal and we’re proud of them. Anyway, what were we here for? That’s right, you’ve once again chosen to join Ryan and I for another week of fun, epic news, and our opinions on things we only pretend to know about.

This week on the show we officially change the news segment to Ninja News and give it it’s very own intro music, geek out about all new Star Wars VII news, talk about what the fu&k happened to the Fantastic Four movie, answer all your great questions in our Q&A segment, and finally give our weekly recommendations. It’s a jam packed episode, so we hope you brought your geek appetite. And as always, enjoy!! GO NINJA, GO NINJA, GO!!!

Also, if you like the episode, feel free to share. We want to grow to epic proportions so we can give you, our faithful fans, t-shirts, keychains, and framed pictures of ourselves, you know, the important things.

This Weeks Recommendations:

Ryan: He has finally come to the dark side of the tech force and gotten himself an Apple iPad and iPhone. He loves how they sync to one another, and how good the sound and picture are on both devices. He doesn’t know if he’s completely converted to Apple yet, but he can’t fool us, we all know he has.

Brian: I want everyone to watch HBO’s sports mockumentary, “7 Days in Hell”. It’s funny as hell and I laughed my ever-loving ass off. So ya, watch it.

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