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Geek Dad Report, Episode 20 – Alone and Ranting

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Brian’s doing the show alone? Dear God…

This week I bring you all a very special episode of the show, I give you the ME edition. A whole show of nothing but me talking to myself, playing with a lightsaber, and pretending a two foot tall Darth Maul action figure is Ryan. Sure I also give you all the weekly news you need to know, answer viewer questions, and give my recommendation of the week, but mostly I just slip slowly into madness as I stare at myself for 50 minutes. Ok, I suppose it’s not that bad, and on the plus side the time alone did allow me to introduce a new segment to the show, Rants. Not a very clever title I know, but hey, it’s still a work in progress. This weeks rants are about Ewoks, Stormtroopers, kids terrible sleeping habits, and uptight movie critics. So let me know if you guys like Rants(It’s at about the 33 minute mark) and it might just become a more permanent fixture of the show. Well that’s about all I got for you, Ryan should be back next week so if you absolutely hated my solo act please don’t let it stop you from coming back for episode twenty-one, things will be back to their normal awesomeness, I promise. Also, if you loved the solo act please let me know, I’m dying for a reason to fire Ryan. I mean, Ryan decided that taking a vacation to Montana with his family was more important than spending quality time with me doing our epic show, what a fool. If that’s not grounds for termination I don’t know what is. So fire Ryan or not, that’s the question I need answered before the next show. Anyway, check out episode 20 of the Geek Dad Report and let me know what you think. Just how bad was I?

This week’s Recommendation:

I recommend everyone stop what they’re doing and watch Interstellar. This Christopher Nolan directed masterpiece is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while and I absolutely loved it from start to finish. It’s a beautifully shot and emotionally powerful sci-fi epic that is a must see and must own movie.

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