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Geek Dad Report Episode 19 – Manscaping

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This week’s title says it all.

This week on the Geek Dad Report it’s all about manscaping. That’s right, Ryan and I dedicated an entire episode to talk about head, face, and body hair. Ok, no we didn’t, but we do talk about why our kids are jerks about body hair, and how we wish we could grow beards in our opening segment. We then dish out the news like it’s a hot steaming plate of awesome that includes Jurassic World’s growing numbers, Ant-Man’s debut, why Jon Snow is alive, Alien sequels, Xena’s possible return, Batman v Superman rumors, X-files castings, Pacific Rim and Hellboy 3 news, Apple’s billions, FIFA finally getting with the times, the usual “why X-Men movies suck” stories, and why Tesla is better then all other cars. We also break down the first trailer for the new James Bond movie, and talk about the reason Disney owns us when we talk about the new trailer for The Good Dinosaur.

After the news we answer all the great viewer questions that you guys send us and hand out the Gold Star for best question of the night. Can Chris from Washington win again, will show regular Phil regain his championship form, and why does it take people so damned long to hang sheetrock, all questions that will be answered in this weeks Q&A.

Lastly, after watching the final season of Falling Skies fall flat on it’s face so far, Ryan and I ask the question “How long should a TV show go on” in our topic of the week. Seriously, Falling Skies, you should be ashamed of yourself for giving those of us who stuck it out this crap for the final season.

One small show note, Ryan’s microphone decided to not be a team player and as a result there are a few audio issues that pop up this week. We apologize for this issue and want everyone to know that said microphone has been terminated with extreme prejudice. It will no longer be a problem.

This Week’s Recommendations:

Ryan: He thinks you should go see Pixels despite what the critics say. It’s very nostalgic for adults and his kids thought it was awesome. It’s PG-13 for a reason though, so the kids will be subject to a few things meant for a little older crowd.

Brian: I liked the movie Chappie. Despite being the first movie in a while that I’ve hated as much as I’ve loved, Chappie tells a good story about a robot that becomes alive. The movie is very strange at times, but it does manage to overcome this and tell an interesting and entertaining story. Plus Chappie the robot is awesome.

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