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Geek Dad Report Episode 17 – San Diego Comic Con News

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The force is strong in San Diego.

The 2015 San Diego Comic-Con is underway and Ryan and I have got you covered. This week we cover all the important news from day one and two of SDCC which includes all the nostalgic greatness from the Star War: The Force Awakens panel, even more Star Wars news, Blade possibly coming back to the Marvel MCU, Marvel casting news, Arrow and Flash news, the Guardians of the Galaxy animated show premiere date, South Park and Ballers renewals, Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie news, Pee-Wee Herman’s return, and all the reasons Halle Berry should forever stay away from comic book movie roles. We also discuss the awesome new trailers for Ash vs the Evil Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead season 6, X-Files Revival, Doctor Who, and Vikings season 4.

In addition to all the SDCC news, we also do our fan favorite Q&A, talk about what movies or shows should be brought back as new shows in our topic of the week, and of course give our recommendations on what you should or shouldn’t waste your time doing this week.

So get comfortable and grab your adult beverage of choice, this week episode is jammed-packed full of geek goodness, which just a fancy way of saying it’s really long. I swear it’s worth the time commitment though. There’s even a story that almost ends with me getting eaten by a damn wild animal. Plus I play with my lightsaber to the sweet melody of John L. William’ Star Wars soundtrack. So I guess what I’m really trying to say is, Enjoy!!

This Week’s Recommendations:

Ryan: He decided to embraced the dad part of the Geek Dad Report and simply recommends that you spend time doing something with your kids. Be it playing video games together or sharing your love of something like Star Wars, taking the time to bond with your children over things you love is a great thing. Plus remember, our kids will be the ones that pick out which old folks home we go to. Make sure they have plenty of good memories of you or you could end up with an angry East German woman as your nurse late in life.

Brian: I don’t want anyone to ever waste their time reading Superman: H’el on Earth. It’s the first Superman story I’ve read from DC’s new 52, and it was terrible. A boring story that never really explains itself, a bad portrayal of Supergirl and Superboy, and a bad ending all lead to a comic that even a late appearance from Batman and the Justice League can’t save. Skip this comic. Instead I suggest picking up Infinite Crisis. It’s a much better Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman story that might also give us a hint to where the new WB/DC movies are going.

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