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Geek Dad Report Episode 15 – Spoilers

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I still cant believe they killed *SPOILER*.

Welcome to the fifteenth spoiler-filled episode of the Geek Dad Report. This week Ryan and I continue to talk Jon Snow and why the internet has melted down into a big pile of crazy GOT rumors and speculation. We also discus spoilers and the rules to avoid them in our topic of the week, answer all those fun questions you guys keep sending us in our fan favorite Q&A segment, give our weekly recommendations, and of course we bring you all that great weekly news you need to know.

But wait, there’s more!! As an added bonus to an already jam-packed episode, we decided to bring much more dad to the Geek Dad Report. Join Ryan and I as we tell glorious tales of beer, food, baseball, and screaming crying children in our special Father’s Day recap. Enjoy!!

This Weeks Recommendation:

Ryan: He got a surprise book in the mail from one of the publishers we work with, and he thinks everyone should buy it immediately. DC Superheroes Origami is a fun introduction to the world of origami that gives step by step directions on how to fold the included paper into all our favorite superheroes and iconic items from the world of DC comics. Ryan promises to show off the Wonder Woman tiara he’s gonna make on a future show. All I know is Ryan better fold me that Superman, or there will be hell to pay.

Brian: I recommend everyone watch or buy Kingsman: The Secret Service. It’s a great rated R James Bond style spy movie, that’s also based on a great Mark Millar comic. Way over the top in a way that walks the line between parody, comedy, and top-notch action thriller, Kingsman is a movie that is fun from start to finish, and needs to viewed multiple times. Trust me, buy this movie. You wont be disappointed.

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