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Geek Dad Report Episode 14 – Gaming and E3

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The Gamer Dad Report.

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of the epic, almost world famous, show known simply as the Geek Dad Report. This week Ryan and I talk E3 and explore being a gamer and a parent in our topic of the week. We also answer more of those great questions you guys keep sending us, and of course bring you all the news you need to know. Lastly I test out a new segment called “Why Brian hates Bryan”, were I give out new reasons why Bryan Singer has ruined X-Men. So give the episode a watch and let us know what you think. Enjoy, and game on!!

This Week’s Recommendations:

Ryan: He found a great new babysitter on Disney XD named Slugterra. Any parent who needs a couple hours of freedom from the tyranny of our crazy children should turn on this fun show about magical slugs and slowly back away as your children become entranced.

Brian: I wanted to remind everyone that the epically awesome Star Wars Rebels is returning for season 2 on Disney XD. I also think everyone should tune in for TNT’s Last Ship, also returning for season 2. Last Ship is an intense action-packed drama about the crew of a Navy warship fighting to try and save what’s left of the world after a deadly virus destroyed most of the population.

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