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Geek Dad Report , Episode 13 – A Jurassic Discussion

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Lion-Man approves this episode.

Ryan and I are back for another action-packed episode of the exciting thrill ride know as the Geek Dad Report. This week’s news covers the passing of Christopher Lee and Dusty Rhodes, Thor being cast in Ghostbusters, DC and Marvel’s very different approach to their merchandise, Jurassic World, Quicksilver’s return, the death of NBC’s Constantine, Ant-Man revelations, the Punisher coming to season two of Netflix’s Daredevil, and lots more. Later in the episode we ask the question, “will movies ever be as good as they were when we were kids?”, for our topic of the night. Finally we end the show answering more of the awesome questions you’ve all been dying to ask us, followed by our weekly recommendations.

Take a look and let us know what you think, and don’t forget to send us your questions. We will answer anything, and I do mean anything. So don’t miss your chance to become internet famous and be part of the show. Best question also gets a gold star. Which as everyone knows can be traded for happiness. So ya, on that note, Lion-Man out. Enjoy!!

This Weeks Recommendations:

Ryan: My wookie companion believes everyone should read the Dark Horse Comics TPB, Dark Matter, and then watch the new Syfy show that’s based on said comic. He’s been dying for some good science fiction stories and he thinks Dark Matter can possibly scratch that itch. Dark Matter airs June 12th on the Syfy channel.

Brian: I think everyone should go see Jurassic World. It’s a lot of fun and has the best dinosaur on dinosaur action you’ll see this year. Plus Chris Pratt is the best thing since sliced bread. Go see the movie, and take the kids. No child should be denied their right to watch dinosaurs eating people.

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