Brian West

Geek Dad Report, Episode 10 – The Death of Ryan’s Curtain

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Get your ass to Mars.

Ryan has finally been given a clean bill of heath by the CDC, and he returned just in time for this week’s train wreck, yet hysterically epic, edition of the Geek Dad Report. Our topics this week include Underworld and Kate Beckensale latex news, the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes sequel update, X-Men and New Mutants news, our thoughts about Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Limitless, and other new upcoming shows. We also cover news about X-Files, Madden 16, Mallrats 2, Heroes Reborn, Hamburgers, NASA, Mars, and of course, Total Recall. Yes, that brilliant, totally realistic, classic film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. So get your popcorn ready, throw your feet up, and enjoy watching two guys just having fun.

Also spoiler alert, we do talk about sick kids, vomit, and possibly poop. So if you get queasy easily, I recommend you suck it up and still watch. Enjoy.

This Weeks Recommendations:

Ryan: He wants everyone to go see Mad Max: Fury Road. We need more great rated R movies in our lives and the only way that’s going to happen is if people go see them.
Brian: I recommend that no one ever waste their time watching Dumb and Dumber to. It is terrible. I found maybe one or two things funny in the whole thing. Instead you should watch Total Recall, which is a timeless classic. You could also go see the new Mad Max movie, it is really good. Even if Max is just a secondary character…

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