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Geek Dad Report – Ant-Man Review

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Don’t judge this hero by his size.

Marvel’s smallest (and possibly least known) hero has arrived in comedic style to close out the epic phase two of the MCU, and of course Ryan and I are ready to let you know exactly what we thought. Spoiler Alert, we freaking loved it. Why we loved it and what our final grades are you’ll just have to watch the show to find out though. As a bonus, we let you know just how many post-credits scenes there are, if you can you take your kids, and should you spend the extra money for 3D or not. So join us as we completely geek out and give our spoiler-free review of Ant-Man, and explain why we think this small hero might in fact end up being one of Marvel’s biggest. Enjoy!!

Also, you’re not hearing things. That’s my two year-old screaming for me in the background about halfway though the show. Sorry, those kids don’t ever want to stay in bed, and they have absolutely no respect for dad’s recording time. I mean come on kid, if you ever want that super sweet 16 party or a pony, daddy and his friends need to become internet famous.

We also have people that like to write written reviews working with us, so if you’re into all that reading stuff make sure to check out their thoughts on the movie. You can find them here.

Last thing, I swear. We want to know what the hell that stuff was that one person had their arm stuck in in the final scene. If you know, or think you know, let us know. We have our theories, but our geek brains need definite answers. Leave your answers in the comments, or hit Ryan or myself up on Twitter and we’ll give you a shout out on a future episode of the Geek Dad Report.

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