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Geek Dad Report: A New Taste in Music

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I’ll run by a little something that I recently had happen to me. I’m driving myself in the car, the music isn’t very loud, no sense in blowing out the kids eardrums in the back seat. I’m humming the songs on the CD, which was a Kids CD with various upbeat songs and some nursery rhymes. I sing one out loud, because my son thinks it is funny, and at the high point in the song, I reach back behind me to tickle him and get nothing but air. I glance in the review mirror and remember that the kids aren’t in the car with me. That, and I’ve spent the last 10 minutes rocking out to kids songs all by myself. With a deflated sigh, I switch to a local radio station and listened to some music that was more of my tastes.

When you become a parent, you end up doing A LOT of things you would never have thought you would do, or made fun of your friends who have kids that did them. One of them is listening to dopy kids songs over, and over, and over, and over. I feel bad for the other Geek Parents out there that when their kid finds that song they love, you’ll end up with it stuck in your head all day at work. There is no way out of it though, even the music that you normally like isn’t out of their domain. My son heard Fireflies by Owl City, now, I really liked the song at the time, and it was getting played to all hell on the radio. Having to listen to it 5 times in a row on the way to pick up my wife is just overkill.

I’ve been trying to teach my son that you listen to ALL the songs on a CD, not just “Buzzy Lightyear song again!!!!!” Alas, kids have crappy musical tastes, and I don’t get how they can stand the receptiveness of listening to the same thing over and over. I nearly smashed plates together when my wife and I were at the kitchen sink and she started singing the buzz lightyear song out of nowhere. Somehow all of the pain in the ear drums is worth it though, listening to my son horribly butcher a song, and try to hit a high note with utter failure is the damn cutest thing in the world. Nothing is better than hearing him sing something while he’s alone in his room playing with toys. Trust me, it’s better than listening to him play with his cars, where he repeats a lot of stuff that he hears mommy shouting at other drivers on the road.

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