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Geek Dad Report Episode 18 – San Diego Comic Con News, Part 2

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Did I mention we reviewed Ant-Man?

Welcome everyone to yet another weekly edition of the Geek Dad Report!! So much news came out of San Diego that Ryan and I had to do a second episode about it just to make sure everybody got all the awesome news they needed to know. God knows we don’t wont you going to work and being that guy, or girl, who doesn’t know about a certain Deadpool trailer that got leaked, or why X-Men: Age of Apocalypse is gonna be a train-wreck. We also make sure you know why the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is epic, just what we think about Jared Leto’s Joker and the Suicide Squad trailer, everything we know about the just announced Green Lantern Corps and Batman: Killing Joke movies, and of course all the great news about the upcoming seasons of Arrow, Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Lastly, we touch base on the Avengers: Age of Ultron Whedon cut, X-Men, the new Fantastic Four and Heroes Reborn trailers, Kill Bill 3, The Last Starfighter TV show, and of course Joe vs. the Volcano. Such a great movie.

In addition to all that news we also, at no additional charge, threw in the question “do we need more live-action Disney remakes?” as our topic of the week, followed up by our Q&A segment where we crown a new Gold Star Champion, and finally ending as always with Recommendations and dancing baby Groot (who this week may have to speak to a therapist after what Batman and Superman did to him). So join us in all the fun, and let Ryan and I know what you guys think of this weeks jammed-packed episode in the comments. Enjoy!!

This Weeks Recommendations:

We both think you should watch our Ant-Man review, and then go see the movie. It’s super awesome, seriously, go see Ant-Man.

After that, Ryan says you should go watch USA’s Suits. He thinks its a fun show about a fake lawyer that you can snuggle with your wife on the couch and watch.

I think you should watch Fury. This World War 2 movie starring tanks and Brad Pitt is really good. It features some super intense tank battles, and focuses on a side of WW2 that hasn’t really been shown in movies before.

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