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Geek Dad Game Review: Playmobil ‘Alarm’ and ‘Construction’ Value Pack

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As a geek dad, I’m working a little early on turning my three year old into a proficient gamer. It’s slow going, since he can only really do so much when it comes to playing games. We played Torchlight for the longest time, but my wife wasn’t 100% behind us playing that. So, one day when I got home from work, my son came running up to me, telling me he had a surprise for me. Surprised I was, since I didn’t really know this Playmobil game existed. She had found it in the clearance area at Target, this was brought to being by Dreamcatcher Games and Morgen Studios, so did we get a bank for the buck?

On that I have to say yes. Lincoln loved playing these two games, with his favorite being ‘Alarm’ because you get to use a helicopter on a couple of rescue missions. The controls aren’t hard by all means, and at three, he understands enough, but doesn’t have a lot of control with the mouse. We breezed through the levels of ‘Alarm’ mostly in two nights. Lincoln liked all the different stuff and had more fun shooting the people with the fire hose popping out of windows on a burning building level. One of the nice things about these two games is that when you beat a section, you get to go to a menu that has all of the stuff you’ve beaten and you can replay them. This is goof for us parents because we don’t have to help too much. Once they’ve played a level a couple of times they start to get the hang of it, and before you know it, they don’t need your help.

All in all, this was a good clearance rack buy, for $8, essentially 4 bucks for each game, we got vastly more hours played per dollar that you could ask for. While this isn’t much of an educational type of games, there are some skill set building like hand eye coordination, and being a button pusher. Playmobil, ‘Alarm’ and Construction is rated E for Everyone. Though that is misleading, my son can’t play this game on his own, he needs help on pretty much every level to bet past. I suggest you get this game if you have a 3 ½ to 4 year old if you are wanting to get them started on gaming. Once you’ve unlocked all the levels, you now have some quick time killers for 15-20 minutes doing the levels they enjoy most.

For now, we’re mostly going to focus on Scribblenauts of the Nintendo DS.

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