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Geek Achievement Unlocked: I Finally Read, Dune

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No more do I half ass conversations about Frank Herbert’s Dune, piecing together a myriad of snippets from web searches and having a keen ear from friends well versed in the Dune Mythos. Now, I can fully ass conversations about Frank Herbert’s Dune with a brain swollen with information that is constantly shifting and moving like the sands of Arrakis.

I’m not here to review Dune, whatever paltry words I could summon about the sci-fi classic has been beaten into the ground over the last forty-six years. I’m here to say that for those of you that have, like myself, found one way or another to conveniently avoid the book need to just find a comfortable space and read the damn thing already. I was a fairly voracious reader as a kid, but I mainly stuck around Fantasy, branched out into horror, then Tom Clancy, then Historial Non-fiction and just bounced around new authors but usually sticking with Fantasy. As much as I love science fiction, I always only dipped my toe into the literary work.

So, when I got my Nook for Christmas and a nice gift card to buy my first digital books I went first for Dune. The large thick book that I would always pick up and gauge how it could kill someone with it’s weight always left me placing the book back on the shelf. With a digital version I felt a little futuristic reading a book off of my little tablet and bought the Anniversary Edition. This book is like jumping in the ocean and then whatever vessel that brought you there driving off, telling you to learn to swim. In that I mean, Frank Herbert doesn’t hold your hand. He dispenses characters, actions, family hierarchy drama that most authors would have dedicated to volumes of backstory. Herbert just lays it out there, and tells you to learn as you go along and turn the pages. If this is what I’ve been missing out with sci-fi books (ok, good sci-fi books) then this is an ocean that I’m glad I’m just learning to keep my head above water in. No, this is sci-fi. This is an enclosed escape pod with a weakening pressure field that is cruising toward an area of space that is unknown and fraught with danger.

Yes, I still have some learning to do.

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