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Gears of War: Dead Tree Format

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I’m guessing that Cliffy B isn’t satisfied with just killing the Locust anymore, he now wants more and more trees to be chainsawed…only difference is that the trees don’t fight back. What the hell am I talking about? Why, the second Gears of War novel that was made available this week of course!

Titled Jacinto’s Remnant, and penned by Karen Traviss (who has done tons of Sci-Fi fiction in the Star Wars universe, and even wrote the other Gears of War book that came out last year) chronicles the goings-on of the survivors after the Jacinto was sunk at the end of the last game.

I’ll be glad to give this a read, anything is better than the game novelizations we used to get from Nintendo back in the 80s. If you haven’t already, might I also suggest the novels based in the Mass Effect and Halo universes? They’re a damned fine read and in some ways, even more immersive than any of the games could ever be.

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