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Gearbox Says Remain Calm

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aliens colonial marines

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox software, revealed in an interview with CVG that there really is no need to worry about whether or not the much anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines will actually be coming out in 2010.

“I know that there hasn’t been much talk about what we’re doing for awhile and that more details would be very juicy. Like so many people, I’ve been patient for years to finally be able to play this game and now that I’m actually involved in the creation of it I can tell you that it’s extremely challenging to continue to be patient as it develops.

I want to tell all! But I can’t. But I can say that we are working hard and that there are great things afoot and I know that when the time is right, Sega will be excited to share more details about the game. Until that time, I guess the only thing anyone can do is just keep pressuring Gearbox and Sega to spill more beans. Maybe one of us will eventually crack.

I love Aliens and I love Gearbox Software’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. I am extremely committed to the game and I’m very confident in Sega’s commitment to the Aliens brand and to our game.

I can imagine that there are a LOT of Aliens fans out there just like me that feel we’ve been waiting for our true Aliens game since we first saw the film and now that we know it’s in development, we want it NOW!”

Well first, thanks a ton for telling us absolutely nothing useful in all that quote besides that you’re excited about a game that is so close to being canned. True, Sega will probably love to make tons of money off this game, but you know, you actually have to produce something tangible for guys like me to whip the public into a frenzy. I know the AvP game that you’re working on will be what Sega uses to judge whether or not the public gets a Colonial Marines IP on the shelves next year.

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