Ryan Wilson

Gearbox Drops a “Steam”er

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Annoyed before when we announced that the Duke Nukem Forever: First Access Club was exclusive to the recently released “Game of the Year Edition” for Borderlands? Apparently, this is no longer the case.

Turns out that Gearbox left a little surprise for non-GOTY owners of Borderlands, as the code to the First Access Club has been popping up in Steam libraries throughout. To check if you have the code, locate Borderlands in your game library, right-click, and select “CD Key”. The code will be labeled as “Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club Code”. According to Valve, the code should be available to anyone who purchased the game through Steam before October 12th. Console and non-Steam PC players will still have to pony up the bucks to get in.

Just be sure to register the code HERE, or you’ll still miss out.

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