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GDR Reel Reviews – Zoolander 2

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I missed not knowing things with you.

It’s been fifteen long years since the world last set it’s collective eyes on the beautiful faces of Hansel (he’s just so damn hot right now) and Derek Zoolander. Needless to say we have all wept in the absence of their stunning good looks and felt the emptiness in our souls without Blue Steel or Magnum to comfort us. Thankfully the gods of beauty, fashion, and sequels have sent their simple minded angels back for us gaze in awe of, and once again bask in their stupidity. Sadly, that’s about all their return is good for however. Zoolander 2 fails to capture the magic and originality that it’s predecessor brought all those years ago, and it ends up being little more than a mostly forgettable chance for us to laugh with, and at, the ever-lovable Hansel and Derek Zoolander.

If you’d like to know much more about Zoolander 2, than do yourself a favor and hit play and I’ll tell you all the reasons you will or won’t enjoy this second comical trip into the world of fashion and modeling. Now if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy a fun spoiler-free video review, don’t worry, we still love you. And just to prove it, here’s my final review score.

I give Zoolander 2 6.9 out of 10 orgy fights.

Why that score? Like i said, hit play and find out. Enjoy!!

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