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GDR Reel Reviews – Ghostbusters

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Who you gonna call?

The most hated on remake of all time is finally here and Brian and Ryan are here to tell you if Ghostbusters really deserved all the early hate, or if the butt-hurt fanboys just need to shut the Hell up. Normally we’d tell you to hit play and find out, but with all the jackasses talking crap about this movie we felt obligated to just go ahead and say that the haters need to just shut up and go back to playing with their slimer doll in their mom’s basement. Ghostbusters is one of the funnest movies we’ve seen in a long time and further proof that you shouldn’t judge something before you see it. If you want more than that and would like to hear Brian’s full review and final score, hit play and check out our full spoiler-free review of the hilarious new Ghostbusters. Enjoy!!

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