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GDR Reel Reviews – Disney’s Zootopia

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Disney’s making the world a better place, one animated movie at a time.

The latest animated feature film from Disney has arrived, and guess what…it’s fantastic. The house of mouse has brought us another modern day classic with Zootopia, a film that uses the tale of Judy Hopps, a small town bunny who is trying to live her dream of becoming a big city cop, as the means to deliver a much more important message. At it’s core, Zootopia is really about fighting against prejudice, fear, and social injustice. Now that’s not to say that this isn’t also a really fun kid’s movie, because it is, but this is a movie that uses a beautifully animated film about a tenacious bunny and a clever fox to point a finger at many of the social issues that plague us today. With a great sense of humor, amazing characters you will immediately fall in love with, and a smart cop story that also manages to address many of the social problems that plague our society today, Zootopia is not only a great film, but proves why Disney is the king of animation. Zootopia is a fantastic family film that your kids will absolutely love. Go see this movie.

Joining me this week for my spoiler-free Zootopia review is my very special guest, Ms. Addison West, my daughter. I got the privilege of taking her to the Zootopia premiere and she loved the movie so much she demanded to be part of the review. So if you’d like to know her very opinionated view of Zootopia, i’d suggest you stop reading this and just hit play. I warn you however, the cuteness factor of this video is almost unbearable. Of course, I may be a little biased. Also as an added bonus there is an additional sixty-second review by my youngest daughter who also saw the movie. She decided at the last minute that she had much to say about Zootopia, especially about a certain fox. Enjoy!!

Just in case you’re too busy to check out my great video review, I gave Zootopia a 8.5/10. Now if you want my daughter’s score, you’re gonna just have to watch our video.

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