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GDR Reel Reviews – Deadpool Movie

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How about a crisp five?

The mutant/X-Men movie that every one of us has always prayed Fox would make has finally arrived in one hilariously funny, violent, demented, and sexual charged package known simply as Deadpool. This movie is the crowning achievement of Fox’s Marvel franchise and is everything that every Deadpool fan has dreamt of seeing. Seriously, it’s really that good. As a fan who has been less than pleased with how Fox has handled the X-Men, I honestly never thought those words would come out of my mouth, but there it is, Fox ya done good, you really nailed it this time.

Join Ryan and I as we gush over all the reasons Deadpool deserves everyone’s love and affection in our spoiler-free review of the Merc with the Mouth’s triumphant return to cinema after X-Men: Origins almost killed him. Also, if you haven’t already guessed and are to busy to hit play, Ryan and I both give this 10 out of 10 chimichangas.

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