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GDR Reel Reviews – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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The superhero showdown we have all been waiting for is finally here, unfortunately Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t quit deliver the epic knockout punch we were all hoping for.

Rarely have I seen a movie so amazing and terrible in equal parts that literally everything good you have to say about the film has to be followed by a but; “The action is amazing, but it was hard to see because the film is so dark.” “The story is really great, but the editing is so bad it’s really hard to follow.” “Wonder Woman steals the show, but she’s only in it for like five minutes.” Needless to say, as a huge Batman/Superman fan, and someone who really wanted to love this movie, this was very frustrating. Now I don’t want everyone to think I didn’t enjoy this movie, because that’s not the case, it’s just that every time Batman v Superman started to become something great it would inevitably be dragged back down by something that wasn’t. Now despite all the things that just don’t work in the movie, Batman v Superman still has a ton of great things to like and does manage to be very entertaining. The action is flat out fantastic, the actors all shine in their roles, Ben Affleck finally gives us a Batman that comic fans can be proud of, and Wonder Woman might be the best new superhero to show up on the big screen since Iron Man. As a fan it was especially great to finally see so many of the things I love from the comics show up on the big screen. It’s just too bad Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice never becomes more than just a decent superhero movie, because somewhere in the two and a half hours running time of this movie is an epic film that’s dying to come out. Maybe if we’re lucky, the three hour Directors Cut will actually be that film.

Now if you want more than the cliff notes version of my review, I suggest you hit play and check out the full Geek Dad Report Reel Review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ryan and I give our final scores and dive into all the reasons we think everyone should check out DC’s Justice League prequel. So what are you waiting for? Hit the triangle symbol and as always, Enjoy!!

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