Alan Smithee

Gaze Upon My Next DualShock

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Call me strange, but I LOVE getting pink colored electronics…so when I got an email from the PR people at Sony this morning touting their new DualShock controller will be encapsulated in the Pepto-Bismol pink plastic, I started to grin.

I love getting photos in press release emails because you get these companies marketing departments working late hours to set up what they think we want to see when it comes to that product, namely in the one above, a whole gaggle of ladies of all different ethnic and age groups playing a game in one tighly clustered group. I tend to think that they’re marketing it wrong.

It’s not only one of the manliest colors you can choose right now, yeah I said manly. I’d like you to try and tell me different in person. But on top of it all, it has been shown that during a robbery, criminals are less likely to steal anything pink, as if it robs them of a bit of their masculinity. How would you like to be caught doing a B&E and have a neon pink Nintendo DS in your possession? Just imagine all of the stories that would be floating around the police station/jail when the cops start laughing at your misfortune.

I’ve been meaning to get one of the new DualShock controllers for a while, since I’m still playing games with the SixAxis that came with my PS3. There’s something about rumble that makes playing games that much more enjoyable.

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