Alan Smithee

Gatchaman – Footage of a Movie That Will Never be Made

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Gatchaman, g-force, whatever you know it as, would have been one hell of a CG anime movie.

Now that Imagi has shut its doors in LA for what seems will be forever, we may never ever get a chance to see a CG movie version of the amazing anime from the early 80s, Gatchaman (though most of you probably remember it as G-Force).

It’s sad really, with the resurgance of old-school anime coming back as CG movies, you’d think that this would be a sure hit. Considering the animation is over 2 years old, just imagine what could have been if this movie would have received proper funding.

There’s hope, because Imagi has been auctioning off their properties to the highest bidder…we might have someone or some company who is just dying to get their hands on this IP. I can only hope.

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