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Garrett Hedlund for Kaneda in Akira?

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Did you see Tron: Legacy? Yeah, Sam Flynn might just be the Kaneda we’ve been waiting for.

WPR has been following the Akira movie project pretty closely as news items have come up for it but for the first time in a long time, I’m somewhat ok with the idea of making the seminal anime/manga classic into an American live-action film.

Apparently Hedlund is tentatively involved right now (meaning it’s a 50/50 guess to whether he’ll be in the film), but it seems that he’s lined up to take the lead protagonist role of Kaneda. We haven’t heard if they’re changing names in the flick but I’m sure they will because you can’t have a cracker with an Asian name…it’s like if I went around and started introducing myself as Hayashi.

The film has officially been greenlit according to Variety, with a budget of $90 million and with Jaume Collet-Serra as the director.

I’m interested to see how or if this flick ever gets made and I promise to withhold my weeabooness until I give it an actual chance. Shit, it HAS to be better than the Dragonball movie.


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