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Gaming Uncensored #230

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Jamie and Tommy join us here at WPR for their 230th episode of Gaming Uncensored! The big thing this week…PAX and Duke Nukem making his comeback. This week also has a segment provided by none other than one of GU’s biggest supporters Big Daddy Dave, where he talks Singularity.

Here’s the show notes for this week’s episode!

  • Duke Nukem Forever is alive again…and it’s playable!
  • Xbox Live prices going up
  • Pachter predicts XBLA premium
  • New 360 controller coming
  • Retro City Rampage parodies everything and looks killer
  • Some details on Telltale’s BttF game
  • More shooters and less RPGs at TGS
  • OnLive test WiFi and offering some killer deals
  • Review of Move
  • Madden 11 picks Superbowl teams
  • Military based Gamestops won’t sell new Medal of Honor
  • Scribblenauts seems more like a platformer now
  • LA Noir delayed again
  • The PSEye can be used as a 3d scanner

    • You can hear them here on WPR by clicking the player in the sidebar, on iTunes, their own website, or even below in the audio player in this post. Also, if you’re so inclined, check them out live when they record the show live for WRGT Radio online.

      [gplayer href=”″]Gaming Uncensored #230[/gplayer]

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