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Gaming Trends: The Door Button Mash

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The thumbs…they bleed!

Button mashing is nothing new to gamers. From your “Test Your Might” challenges in Mortal Kombat to the NES’ Track and Field, developers have been ruining controllers (and hands) all in the sense of competition. But, what if that same button mashing technique was used for opening treasure chests and doors? Well…

How it can go horribly wrong

No consequence

What’s the point of having a button mashing if there is no penalty for failure? Many times, I’ve seen button mashing used simply for opening a treasure chest in a room void of enemies, where the only penalty for messing up is the fact that you have to go through the entire chest opening sequence again. The prize is still there, so all you lose is time. Unless you’re a speed runner, this will mean nothing to you.

Mashing multiple buttons

What’s more annoying than mashing one button? Mashing multiple buttons. Sure the game might try justifying this action by showing the character switching hands in the animation, but they aren’t fooling anyone. Couple this with a lack of consequence and this just gets infuriating.

How it can go right


As I mentioned before, without the sense of consequence, button mashing is just a pain in the ass. But what if a big baddie is raining hot death right behind you? You can bet that finger endurance test is going to hold more weight.

Multiple paths

Button mashing can also be used to give incentive to the player. For example, let’s say that the door you are trying to open is time sensitive, and making your way through it will offer an alternative route through the game. Missing this button mashing opportunity, while not an insta-death consequence, will make the situation more difficult.

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