Ryan Wilson

Gaming This Month: January 2012

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Will the gaming industry start off the new year right?

Notable Releases

Week of January 1st

No releases. Ouch, off to a bad start.

Week of January 8th

Tuesday (1/10)
Gotham City Imposters (PC/XBLA/PSN)
King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (PC)

Week of January 15th

No releases. Double ouch.

Week of January 22nd

Tuesday (1/24)
Silent Hill HD Collection (360/PS3)

Week of January 29th

Tuesday (1/31)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (360/PS3)
NeverDead (360/PS3)
Soul Calibur V (360/PS3)

Game of the Month prediction


Sure, the Devil May Cry style of slash-and-gun action may have found a couple of grey hairs, but NeverDead looks ready to teach an old genre new tricks. With a dark sense of humor, an interesting control scheme, and a creative use of dismemberment, NeverDead might just be the new IP that 2012 needs.

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