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Gaming Review: 80 Days (Android)

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80 days

I had a chance to take a spin around the world with 80 Days. A Steampunk, choose your own adventure book type of game.

The game goes like this, your Master decides to take up the task of going around the globe in 80 days. What you’re to do is help him along in the journey. As you bounce from city to city and the days tick by. You engage in conversation and actions that are all set in a story format. Basically, it’s a digital version of Pick Your Own Adventure, you press what you say/do next and it drives the story forward.

I played this on my Galaxy 7” Tablet and I never had any issues with errors or anything that really made it impossible to continue playing the game. Which is nice, since I’ve had some games from the Google Play store cause issues with my tablet. The music is nice, and doesn’t get overpowering when you’re trying to read through everything that is going on during your adventure. It’s more of a soothing background for those of us that don’t like to read a book in silence. The graphics get the job done, the scene cuts extending your routes between cities was fun to watch, it kept pushing me further as I wanted to see where I could go next.

80 Days

Overall, 80 Days is a decent little romp that’s good for trying something that is new. If you’re a fan of Steampunk, Choose your own adventure and reading this is up your alley. Otherwise, I’d say 80 Days is a good buy if you just want to quickly put on your top hat, goggles and board your steam powered dirigible. If that doesn’t suit you, there wasn’t anything groundbreaking that would convert you. 80 Days is tailored specifically for the Steampunk Genre, but it does a great job of zeroing on exactly what it is, and you have to give them a tip of the hat for that.

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