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Gaming From a Galaxy: Battleloot Adventure

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I have no time for gaming beyond the one night a week I give myself to play two or three hours of Fallout 3 for the PC (I’m that far behind). So, usually I find a game to download onto my Galaxy S3 for the quick work breaks, bathroom breaks, whenever I basically got five or so minutes to kill. For the last 2 months I’ve been slowly whittling away at Battleloot Adventure, a free to play game with some micro transaction to up your gold count if you want to buy new gear/player abilities.

Battle-Loot-AdventureBattleloot Adventure
Developer (Italian): Digital Tales
Release date: March, 2012
Platform: iOS and Android

This game is about as simple as the rock-paper-scissors mechanics it employs. Mages (purple) beat Rogues (red), who beat Warriors (blue), who beat Sages (green), who in turn beat Mages.

Never once did I feel that I had to make a payment to up my coin so I could get equipment faster. I typically blasted through the battles with just a couple of coin grinding (5-10 minute sessions) of beating up some baddies in arenas for extra coins. I had everyone maxed out on their equipment and ability trees in a reasonable amount of time that almost made the game too easy. Heck I had every single gold coin on every single battle because I got all the bonus feats. If you have to shell out real money for gold coins, then you should have just saved your money by fighting in the arena. The premise is, the King is a jerk, and raised taxes too high. So, everyone is a merc for hire trying to get the most attention for their guild (Warrior/Sage/Rogue/Mage) gain fame, and win the big ultimate award from the king for being such a good killer of everything. Not paying Taxes!


The graphics are actually pretty decent, and the dialog is 3rd wall breaking all the time. I actually chuckled at some of the dialog that pops up in text before and after some battles. This game doesn’t take itself seriously. As you can tell by the name in itself. It’s just fun and served it’s purpose as my quick fix but easy to put down after winning the next battle type of game. I beat it with no monetary investment and just taking it one or two battles at a time.

Definitely worth a quick run through if you’re bored.

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