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Gaming Deals: Sci-Fi Bundle

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Yes, Ryan Thomason, this bundle includes BOTH hard and soft sci-fi.

Unlike indie bundles I’ve featured before, the Sci-Fi Bundle is going to require a little more digging in the wallet. At $39.99 (half the price that it would cost to buy everything a la carte), the titles better damn well deliver…and deliver they do! The bundle includes:

Planet Stronghold, a turn-based RPG from Winter Wolves featuring beautiful manga-style artwork, a relationship system, a complex skill tree, and achievements. A demo of this 50+ hour RPG downloaded for PC, Mac, or Linux

Bionic Heart, a visual novel taking place in the not so distant future of 2099 London. As 35-year old nanotechnology programmer Luke Black, players will traverse through an intricate sci-fi storyline full of twists and turns, resulting in one of 24 endings. A demo is available for PC, Mac, or Linux

Date Warp, a visual novel centered around the sudden disappearance of freshman student, Janet. I’m not quite sure what makes this title “sci-fi”, but I assume that as players approach one of the game’s 11 endings, that message will become clear. A demo is available for PC, Mac, or Linux

Gemini Rue, the latest point-and-click adventure from Wadjet Games (of Blackwell Trilogy and The Shivah fame), casts you both as ex-assassin Azriel Odin and amnesiac Delta-Six in a neo-noir story of fate, discovery, and redemption. A demo can be found here

With the exception of Gemini Rue, all games listed in this bundle can be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Gemini Rue is currently a Windows-exclusive title. Still at 40 bucks, you’re getting an insane amount of replay value for your money.

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