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Gaming Deals: Humble Indie Bundle #3 [UPDATE #2]

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Good things come in threes.

[UPDATE #2: Now with over a million dollars in sales, the bundle has added yet another bonus to the bundle. Current backers will receive, at no additional cost, every game in the Humble Indie Bundle 2! That includes Braid, Osmos, Machinarium, Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans…for no additional cost to current supporters! New supporters will still have the opportunity to receive the second bundle, but they must donate a minimum of the average bundle sale (currently sitting at a ridiculously affordable $4.80)]

[UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of thousands of people and the developers over at Kot-in-Action, the Humble Indie Bundle 3 now includes Steel Storm: Burning Retribution! All current and future backers will receive this game at no additional charge.]

The Humble Indie bundle is back in its third iteration (fourth if you include the single developer Humble Frozenbyte Bundle) and the games involved are still as strong as ever! The Humble Indie Bundle 3 includes the following games, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux:

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe
  • Hammerfight
  • Cogs
  • And Yet It Moves

As always, The Humble Indie Bundle is a pay-what-you-want event. Supporters can choose how much of their contribution goes to the developers, the people behind Humble itself, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play. At the time of this posting, the bundle has already amassed over 143,000 purchases and $692,000!

To sweeten the deal, Mojang has offered a additional bonus to supporters: a limited full trial of the ever popular Minecraft. Until August 14th, you’ll be able to punch trees with the best of us. To make your contribution please visit the official website.

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