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Gaming Deals: 5 for $5 Bundle

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Leave it to the indie gaming community to continue to stretch the value of a dollar!

If you’re willing to give up one of your paper Lincolns, you can get yourself five awesome indie games to add to your library. I’m not kidding. While some deals package the good with the crap to pad numbers, every game in the 5 for $5 Bundle is actually worth your time. The games included are:

  • Delve Deeper, a dungeon crawling strategy game with RPG elements and a great sense of humor.
  • Spring Up Harmony, a fast paced Breakout/Peggle hybrid.
  • Mactabilis, a shmup with heavy influences in the RPG world (such as critical hits, loot grabs, and weapon creation)
  • Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, a classic style top-down shooter with a ton of modern perks (such 16 player online multiplayer and an unlockable first-person camera perspective)
  • Digitanks, a tank strategy game on an incredibly large scale.
  • Buying each game separately would normally cost you $40 bucks total, so this is an incredible deal. All games can redeemable on the indie-centric digital distribution platform Desura, but Delve Deeper can be redeemed on Steam if you’re desperate for achievements.

    This deal is only valid for the next eight days, so be sure to snag your copy soon!

    [5 for $5 Bundle]

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